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Southern California Attorney Helps Ordinary People with Family Law and Debt Issues

Accomplished San Diego lawyer provides divorce and bankruptcy representation

My name is Andrea Whitehill, of Whitehill Law Group in San Diego, California. During my more than 35 years of practicing law, I have represented thousands of individuals throughout San Diego County. If you are dealing with bankruptcy, creditor harassment, foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment or liens, or you are going through a divorce, allow me to put my extensive legal experience to work for you. Don’t let fears of legal help being costly deter you from getting strong representation — I care about helping ordinary people, not just those with substantial means, and my reasonable rates reflect that.

Providing a straightforward approach to address my clients’ legal needs

I’m a straightforward attorney whose clients appreciate my willingness to present their options in a direct way so we can get to the business of tackling whatever issues they face. My clients benefit from my:

  • Track record of successful outcomes — I achieve the results I do because I know the applicable laws and their tax ramifications, work one-on-one with my clients every step of the way, create thorough strategies, and then try to reach an amicable result using all that we’ve prepared. However, I will litigate aggressively for my clients any time it comes down to that.
  • Attention to addressing family concerns — I understand how difficult legal problems can be for my clients and their families. I seek to reduce their stress by preparing them for court and for any life changes that may result from their legal situations.
  • Cost-effective representation — I truly am passionate about helping regular people with their legal problems and not gouging them for my services. Instead, I offer reasonable rates without compromising the quality of my representation and try to reach a positive resolution as early on in the process as possible to save clients money.

I firmly believe that every single person facing a legal challenge deserves skillful legal representation, and when you work with me, I am committed to being a strong advocate for you throughout the life of your case.

Helping individuals with a variety of family law and debt relief services

I have a wealth of experience in providing a range of legal services, such as:

  • Bankruptcy and debt relief — I can help you plan for and shepherd you through bankruptcy to discharge your debts or arrange reasonable repayment plans and stop creditor harassment. I can also assist with foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, money judgments, IRS and state tax lien, and driver license suspension matters.
  • Family law and divorce — I can guide you through the divorce process and will work diligently toward achieving child custody, child support, alimony, and property and debt divisions that are in your best interests and those of your children. Also, if you or your children are victims of physical, psychological or sexual abuse from your spouse or life partner, I can ask a court to issue a protective order to prevent further contact, which law enforcement is required to enforce.

There are often multiple layers of details involved in a case, and my dedicated staff and I can help you put together all the pieces and deal with all the legal issues related to your matter.

Contact a caring attorney committed to helping ordinary individuals in San Diego County

Please call Whitehill Law Group in San Diego, California at [ln::phone] or contact me online for a free initial consultation.