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As a divorce attorney and bankruptcy lawyer since 1982, Andrea Whitehill has represented thousands of individuals seeking to make significant changes in their lives for the better. We are also experienced in matters with special issues such as military spouses, pension division ("QDRO"), child custody conflicts, domestic violence, same sex partnerships, parties living abroad, and much more...

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Andrea Whitehill and her seasoned staff are adept at providing legal care and guidance to our Clients during emergencies and for their day-to-day needs as they arise. 

We understand the difficulty and bravery required to make major decisions and take the steps to secure a better future for you and your family, and will guide you through the process.

Whether filing for divorce or bankruptcy, we treat our clients with kindness and dignity.

We will work with you to resolve your legal matters as amicably as possible, and fight aggressively on your behalf when litigation is necessary or unavoidable.

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